Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Southbank Safe

Good news for the skateboard community down in London at the recent response to a petition organised for the retention of the Southbank Undercroft for skateboarding.

The Southbank Centre have said they won't be kicking out the skaters and in fact are in talks with the community to find out ways to improve the Undercroft!

Official word is:

"...the Southbank Centre recognises the importance of the Undercroft in bringing together skateboarders from across the UK and the value that the skateboarding community has brought to many young people and the South Bank area itself...The Southbank Centre has said that it has no plans to redevelop the Undercroft used by skateboarders. In fact, they are in close discussions with the skateboarding community about how to improve the current skateboard area and about how the community might become more involved in the Southbank Centre's artistic programme."

Via KingApparel Blog

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