Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Chile Reception

“We have copper, wine, salmon and wood,” says architect Alberto Mozó, in what resembles a crash course on Chile’s natural resources – and it is wood that he has decided to make use of in his office building for BIP Computers in the Providencia neighbourhood of Santiago.

The three-storey structure is clad with interwoven laminated beams of Radiata pine, encasing a glass facade. The ends of the building are angled in parallel, giving the impression that it is leaning. Despite the sturdy cross-bracing, it has been designed to be taken apart easily. “The owner wants to be able to sell the land or even build a much taller building there in the future, so I came up with the concept for a structure that can be entirely dismantled,” explains Mozó, who has been experimenting with transitory elements of urban architecture for some time.

via: Iconeye

Monday, 26 May 2008

Mr Toledano

If you have half an hour to entertain yourself, I can highly recommend having a look at Mr Toledano's online photographic portfolio.

The bankrupt series is ever so good, and the Arctic Circle series has some striking images too...

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Reasoned Relationships vs. Illogical Love

Ryan Mcginness is a name thats been knocking about a wee while, from his earlier roots of skateboarding and designs for Supreme through to his magical installations at the Deitch Projects and his not-so-recent exhibition at Pace Prints in New York, he has produced some of the most wonderful iconography and simply stunning art.

I for one have been after something for my wall for a while now, but his work never seems to be available, possibly due to the fact his work is so admired, an dpossibly as he rarely gets over to the UK.

Anyway, just thought I'd share with you what I've been drooling over for the past few months, and is available at Pace Prints.

Show Time

London based VFX artist and motion graphic designer Enrico Lambiase has released a show reel giving a taster for his direction in 2008. Silky smooth animations and strong visual effects are a major part of his work and this small video is testament to his hard work.

Check it out now on his website...

Friday, 16 May 2008

Derek Hess & Obey

Derek Hess has just released a couple of new prints which can be found on his website now.

Absolutely beautiful prints that you just gotta get hold of. Cumulonimbus is in my shopping cart...

Shep has also got a new print in the pipelines. No release date as of yet but be sure once it does drop it'll be gone in a flash. Out of alot of the Obey prints I've seen of late this one stands out with its stunning simplicity. Definitely another to get if only I can hit F5 enough times...

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Love Anna James

With graffiti making it into the mainstream media via the likes of Banksy, D*Face, Nick Walker et al we see designers picking up on the theme and applying it to all manner of items.

From Love Anna James comes a series of furniture under the name of Verona. Featuring not only graff inspired colourways but also some interesting pinstripes and modern art references these pieces really stand out as something totally different for the home. Careful attention to detail is rife and executed nicely to add a contrasting refined nature to the pieces...

Hot on the heels of the graff cross over Lovegrove & Repucci have introduced their New York & London Graff Delft series of tableware.

Featuring oldskool tags and throwups these pieces are sure to excite whilst tucking into some fine dining, but they also give you the oppurtunity to show your roots as the train tagging wee scrote you may have once been.

Chester Draws

Takeshi Miyakawa has come good with his latest furniture design 'fractal' which is essentiaslly a cube split into lots of different sized drawers that open round each side. Each drawer is a different length and size so that they can all fit into the one clean looking storage cube, making it hugely versatile for virtually anything, however big or small.

via: mocoloco

Concrete Design

It's not often you get a chance to get excited about concrete. Quite often it can be an eyesore of biblical proportions and reminds us of how pish some design of the sixties were and still are. Subsequently concrete gets some pretty bad press, but Transparent House have been working on bringing some life and style to this simple building material with their 'Concrete Art'

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bonaldo Squaring

I love sleeping. Its a great fun hobby one can do almost anywhere, though there are the odd situations where being awake might help.

Some beds are a cut above the rest and this little beauty by Bonaldo really makes me want to kick back and get myself off to the land of nod. Instead I'm stuck at work having to stay awake. Boo.