Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Chile Reception

“We have copper, wine, salmon and wood,” says architect Alberto Mozó, in what resembles a crash course on Chile’s natural resources – and it is wood that he has decided to make use of in his office building for BIP Computers in the Providencia neighbourhood of Santiago.

The three-storey structure is clad with interwoven laminated beams of Radiata pine, encasing a glass facade. The ends of the building are angled in parallel, giving the impression that it is leaning. Despite the sturdy cross-bracing, it has been designed to be taken apart easily. “The owner wants to be able to sell the land or even build a much taller building there in the future, so I came up with the concept for a structure that can be entirely dismantled,” explains Mozó, who has been experimenting with transitory elements of urban architecture for some time.

via: Iconeye

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