Thursday, 26 June 2008

Honeyee Mag Vol. 5

If you've read my earlier posts I'm sure you'll be aware of Visvim, and how much I've begun to really appreciate the quality of design and the beautiful materials that they utilise. What you may also know is that once I get a sniff of something I like, I'm usually all over it it like a bad rash.

So when I spotted the release of Honeyee Mag Vol.5 I had to get excited. On the front cover we see my man of the moment Hiroki Nakamura pissing around with some elk hides.

Unfortunately the mag is only produced in Japanese so I'm not too sure what's inside, but you can be sure it'll be a good read if (Jeff Ng of Staple & Honeyee) has had any input.

Best get back to the Japanese lessons...
And saving up some more dollar for the next Visvim release.

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