Thursday, 22 April 2010

Visvim “A Cycle of Craftsmanship” film by Young Kim

Its only so long I can go without mentioning Visvim. And seen as I haven't posted on hear in a while its only fair that I get stuck in with some news form the F.I.L. camp.

In the search for a new shop in Kyoto, Hiroki Nakamura, head honcho of Visvim, came across a doll shop which had closed down after seeing generations of family ownership. Whilst not his usual style of shop there was some very tangible history to the store and a story that rang very true with the ethics of his own brand which helped in the decision to go with the store.

Rather than gut the store and strip it back to its basic elements, Hiroki decided to keep all fixtures and fittings, and even some of the old stock as a reminder of the history of the place.
To celebrate the opening of the store Young Kim has created a video for Visvim called 'The Cycle of Craftsmanship' which can be found at all F.I.L locations and a handful of select Visvim accounts...

Hopefully my copy should be here any time now...

via Hypebeast

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